Sunday, April 19, 2015

Travel: Spring Break in Florida Day 2

Day 2 of the trip! This was a particularly action-packed day and was just full of the beauty that is Mother Nature. We started the day off early and headed to the beach for a stroll to watch the sun rise. Definitely worth waking up early for.

WE MISS YOU JENNY! <3 (my sister)
It's the CIIIRCLE OF LIIIFE! (too enthusiastic? maybe...)

At this point I was being blinded by the sun.
Hello kitty.
The hotel lobby was pretty neat.
Enjoying some complementary hot chocolate.

Now time to go snorkeling! Off to Key Largo we go!

We went to a stunning sanctuary in the sea, so all the organisms there are protected. The water is so clear that you can see the coral reefs, which are the large dark areas. There were so many colorful fish and huge, strangely shaped corals (no underwater pictures, unfortunately). I had a face off with a barracuda at one point and my mother saw a sea turtle!

While I was swimming around, I managed to pick up a little swimming buddy! A remora (the fish that stick to sharks) was sticking to my leg. It stayed with me until we had to leave, so I had to say goodbye to my newfound fish friend.

It looked like this little guy.

After snorkeling we came to the famous Florida Everglades! Seriously, it is absolutely beautiful. I've always loved national parks, and this one is no exception. There is a lot of interesting wildlife, which is one of the my favorite parts of visiting national parks. 

One of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen.
We went air boating through the river, which is so slow that it looks like still water. The water is extremely shallow, so shallow that the grass sticks out. Speeding through the grass with water splashing on you and the wind whipping in your face will completely ruin your hair, but it is such an exhilarating experience. 

A much larger, fellow air boat.
The egret, a common bird in the Everglades
Woah, that neck though.
Can you spot the bird? 

Here are the alligators and crocodiles! It was rather cold that day, so all the gators came up on land to sunbathe and soak up some of the sun's heat. From what I've seen they're quite friendly with each other. 

Fun fact: Alligators have rounded snouts while crocodiles have pointed snouts. And crocodiles are the ones that will eat you, not alligators.

"Someone call for a dentist!" says a guy standing next to me.

This one just stayed like this and did not move at all. They can last a year without food, so this one could be waiting a while for a handout...

I know the Everglades are famous for their alligators, but wow, there are so many beautiful birds! It's like a bird watcher's dream!

It boggles my mind how these guys lived among dinosaurs. 

Baby alligators on lily pads! So cute :)

Spread your wings...and use them as solar panels.

Day 3 is going to be the last Florida post, so don't miss it!