Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Flared and Floral

Hello! First year of college is over (along with all the workload that comes with it), so naturally blog posting has ensued. I decided to pull out my favorite dress from Miss Selfridge and flounce around channeling my inner feminine 70's witch (that's the best description I could come up with, haha). What is my witch power, you may ask? Hypnotizing people with psychedelic flowers, of course! 

Dress: Miss Selfridges Hat: old

Bag: TJMaxx | Jessica Simpson

 I just recently got this bag as sort of an impulse buy, but I have zero regrets! I love the colors (pink and blue always look great together in my opinion) and the fact that it has a handle. It comes in quite handy and can be worn with both a casual outfit or something leaning towards the fancy side. It may look small but the shape allows for it to hold quite a bit. 

Shoes: DSW | Born