Monday, December 15, 2014

A Peek into the Week(end) #3

Christmas came early because my sister is finally back home!

We picked her up from the airport this weekend and the view going to the airport was stunning. A great way to be welcomed home.

After we got home an moved her in, we decided to go out to eat at C&T Wok. But first, a detour to this beauty. 

We drove around looking at all the pretty Christmas decorations, but this one takes the cake!

The amount of lights this house had was absolutely insane. It was so colorful and intricate that I wondered how long it must have taken to get these lights up. The entire front yard was covered in thousands of lights hanging from almost everywhere, along with an inflatable snowman and Santa. I couldn't help but wonder how much their electricity bill cost. I've gotta say, these pictures do not do it justice. Let's have a moment of appreciation for those people who take the effort to go all out for the holidays and make the world a little more cheery.

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