Monday, December 29, 2014

A Week of Christmas

Oh what a wonderful week of holiday spirit. My sister and I had a bit of baking fun with friends we hadn't seen in a while and made some delicious chocolate chip banana bread and peanut butter cookies. 

We went a little crazy with the decorating. Not the most aesthetically pleasing cookies, but it's the spirit that counts, right?

This is really the only one I decorated myself.

We tried to make Santa...
I also got to go to one of my best friend's last Christmas ballet show (The Nutcracker), with some other friends, which was absolutely amazing. She did a beautiful job with her solo as the Snow Queen.

Then we got to watch Big Hero 6 with the same friends we baked with and more. It was such a cute, funny, and bittersweet movie. I definitely recommend watching it.

And of course, some last minute Christmas shopping had to happen. We went to the mall and there was a cleverly named pet store called AniMall that I forced us to go into. Just look at the little cuties! They had fluffy rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs that all made me melt from cute animal overdose.


And of course, you can't have a Christmas post without Christmas decorations can you?

My favorite ornament. It's an adorable raccoon!

On Christmas day, my dad's best friend came over and brought his sweet dog along with him.

We also got to watch the premier of Into the Woods. It was a pretty dark musical overall, but there were some funny moments. My favorite part was when the princes sang their duet, "Agony". Saying that the princes were being overly dramatic would be an understatement. The music was fantastic and it was interesting how they combined different fairytales into one plot. It was nice seeing this version after watching my school's version of the musical.

In the evening we had my best friend's family come over for dinner to celebrate the holiday. We exchanged and opened gifts under the Christmas tree. I'm so grateful for the gifts I received, but more importantly for the people who gave them and how thoughtful they were.

We played a fun game of Sour Apples to Apples, re-read my sister's old diary from when she was 8 and 9 (which was pure comedy gold and made us cry from laughing), and sang songs while playing the piano.

Overall, a perfect week of Christmas.

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