Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brush Strokes & NC Museum of Art

Since I was going to the North Carolina Museum of Art, I decided to wear my brush stroke shirt to fit the occasion because what better time to wear it than this? If you've never been to this museum, you should definitely check it out. Admission is free, and they have a park with really neat outdoor sculptures. You can take a pleasant walk or run while enjoying the view of these beautiful sculptures. Make sure it's not going to be extremely hot outside, because walking around in 90+ degree weather in the blazing sun was not exactly the best idea.

Shirt: Forever21 Shorts: Loft

Necklace: ASOS

The Gyre

Inside the buildings are different exhibitions of various kinds of art like modern art, Roman sculptures, traditional African art, etc. Here's just a glimpse of what there is to see:

A plane made of butterflies

Head in the clouds, literally.

The nature of the expression of emotion

The perfect smokey eye look ;)

Alien or art? I guess it's both.

If you've been waiting for the Italy posts, don't worry, they're coming! There are literally thousands of photos to go through, so it's taking quite awhile. I'm probably going to space them out for variety's sake and so I can have more time to work on each post.

Hope you have a wonderful day! 

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