Monday, August 10, 2015

Trip to Italy: Venice

I've never been to a place that is remotely like Venice. The cars you would usually see in a city are replaced with a scattering of boats and gondolas. The only streets are made of stones, and wherever you go you'll end up crossing a beautiful bridge with an amazing view of cute canals, quaint apartment buildings, and stunning architecture. If you get lost (like we did), it's nice to experience the  winding alleyways without the constant bustle of people.

There's always some sort of live music playing, whether it's by a band performing in front of a restaurant in the main square or opera singers and accordion players playing on a gondola. The graffitied walls and small shops filled with their famous glassware and masks really express how artistic this charming floating city is.

Dinner in the splash zone

Excuse the was quite windy

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